Reinforced armored helmet metro exodus

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Reinforced armored helmet metro exodus

In Metro Exodus you can improve your equipment. You need to find new gadgets.

Metro Exodus Upgrades Location Guide – Where to Find Upgrades and Gear

They are scattered on the Volga and The Caspian. Some items that you did not find on the Volga can be found in the Caspian. Here you can find a Night Vision Device. You need to visit the station where the trolley is located and open the room to the right of the gate where there is also a lever that frees the path of the trolley. Or you can save the captives in the house next to Knyaz where he watches everything and get a key from one of the men.

This key can open the room on the other side and get a night vision device at the very beginning of the level. The Extended Filter is hidden in a container to the northeast of Knyaz, on the edge of the land. There is already a church beyond the river. The Reinforced Helmet — you can find in a destroyed building occupied by the bandits. This building is located just above the station with a passenger car, which you combine with a rail.

Look for the Battery Charge Controller on the island located at the bottom of the map, closer to the middle. There you have to go from the land to the left, on the ground, where the sticks are with a white cloth.

Ammo Pouches are in the same building where there are gangsters and captives with the key to the room with the night vision device. It is just north of Knyaz. Search near the door. The Throwing Weapons Harness is hidden in a gas station, which you will find next to the pier and boat. On this boat, you still need to get to the station with a trolley. The Metal Detector is hidden in a locked building you need to knock it downlocated to the west nearby from the tower with a teddy bear, which Nastya needs.

Look for a Compass inside a broken plane to the north and a little to the west from the Aurora. Armored glass — you find in the upper left corner of the map, where thugs sat in the canyon. Kill everyone so that the ladder falls from the rope, go upstairs and see a suicide a shot was heard. Take the item. Look for between this cave lighthouse and the previous place where the armored glass was found. The NVD Amplifier — find in the lower right corner of the map.

This building will indicate Anna, when you meet her on the plot.

Metro Exodus: All Suit Upgrade Locations

Climb to the top floor where the lights were burning. Metro Exodus: Location of all the improvements. Home Guides Metro Exodus: Location of all the improvements.

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Share This.Do you want to know how to Upgrades all Metro Exodus helmets? What are helmets in Metro Exodus. It is an element of armor whose function as you can imagine is to protect the head.

How to update all Metro Exodus helmets. Armored glass. In the case of this helmet the eyepieces are much more resistant to damage, to unlock it you will have to go to the upper left corner of the map where the oil puddles are, where you will have to look for a question mark that will be after the Baron Use the radio to complain about slaves.

Later you will see a man on the hill above, at the end of the canyon. Go up the stairs to find a note and an update, trying to do it with caution because the man will shoot you. Spartan helmet This is a mandatory element for Spartan and can be used in conjunction with the gas mask, this will not have to be searched because it is available by default.

Reinforced helmet This is like a heavy version of the Spartan Helmet much more recent and you can unlock it at the Volga location. Where you will have to find a room among the ruins of the invaded building. You can find the update in a box.

Locations Guide for Suit, Armor Upgrades in Metro Exodus

You can also look for a rusty vessel with slaves where the Caspian is and look for the cabin in the container in the central part of the ship to find a hull or components on the next table. Extended filter You can find these filters at the Volga location, where after uploading the map from the building where the captives sit in cages you will have to turn your gaze to the west to see the container in the corner and where the update is.

Now that you know how to Upgrades all the Metro Exodus helmets you should start looking for the Upgrades little by little to find them as soon as possible and be able to take advantage of them. Platform s :. Other Recent Articles.These permanent upgrade items allow you to customize your loadout and protection.

You can carry more ammo, more consumables, or more munitions depending on your suit upgrade. These secret areas can only be accessed if you look around the environment very, very carefully. You can freely swap between upgrades, and each one offers a different bonus.

reinforced armored helmet metro exodus

Night Vision Goggles : Located in the square two-story building in the water southeast of the Submarine. You can dock in the dark interior and explore the second floor. Enter the large second story room with the wooden bridge, and drop down to a hidden path below to find this upgrade. The balcony is connected to a kitchen you can kick your way into.

Inside the kitchen, smash the glassware on the shelf to the left to reveal a hidden compartment. Go into the apartment on the side, and look for a barricade made with a painting.

Metro Exodus - All Weapons [Standard + Modified Variants]

Kick through to find the helmet upgrade. Ammo Pouches : In the scout outpost in the southern section of the map. Connected by bridge, enter the three-story building and go up to the top to find the scouts. Consumables Carrier : Found in a secret cache, in the Unfinished Construction Site bandit camp in the center of the southern map.

Travel to the Construction Site and enter the first-floor building on the right. Flip the switches in this order — You can take a boat or follow the bridge to reach it. Extended Filter : On a table, in the armory of the Fire Department.Although they can appear later on as well, this guide covers the places where the suit upgrades are first encountered, in the Volga and Caspian maps which make up the first two open levels in Metro Exodus.

Here are all the suit upgrade locations in Metro Exodus. Using your map, look for a peninsula stretching towards the north from just behind the location of the locomotive.

Follow the railroad that arcs towards the north. The filter waits inside a container found in a clearing, next to a utility pole. The extended filter is found on the table at the end of the container.

From where you find the extended filter, go towards the east until you see a grouping of ruined buildings. Look for a gate with a skeleton hanging from it. Past it, you should see a red brick structure with a skull painted on the circular portion to its left.

Go forward through the main entrance, forward again, then take a left. Go to the ruins overrun by bandits one of your companions near the Aurora mentions having spotted a sniper there. The reinforced helmet waits on a table in the building near the central area of the ruins. A boat is required to get the sixth suit upgrade, as its found on the small island to the south. Head towards its southernmost point until you see a wooden building with a cyan light blue container on its right.

Pick it up, go inside the container and use it to power up the machine. Enter the wooden building through the door nearest to the container. Take a left and use the switch on the wall to open the grated door. Go through it and climb on top of the building using the wooden boards. Walk forward and fall through the gap next to the chimney, then use your charger on the panel on the wall slightly to your left.

Head through the red door behind you. Take a left, then left again through the door. Go forward until you reach the room you first entered, take a left and turn on the switch to the metal door with the large round handle. Go through it to witness a rather distressing scene. Go to the southernmost point in the center and look for a small rundown hut. The night vision goggles are on the table just to the right from the entrance. Entering from the south, take a right and go up the stairs. Go forward passing the containers and take the yellow ladder.

Once on top, take a left and walk through the two rooms, climbing the metal staircase in the third one. Climb the yellow ladder in front of you, go through the door past the yellow electrical box and find the suit upgrade on a table to the right. Enter it and find the suit upgrade on a wooden crate on the left.You will once again venture through ruined post-apocalyptic Russia leading the band of Spartan Rangers to the east in search for a new prosperous life.

reinforced armored helmet metro exodus

While progressing through the game you will be able to unlock and equip many different suits and weapons upgrades for Artyom. These upgrades will improve the suit durability and functionality. So in this guide, you will find the location of all the suit and weapon upgrade present in Caspian Desert map.

Armoured Gas Mask Marked as Red — In the canyon reach the end of the cave and then defeat all enemies. Bulldog machine gun Marked as Deep Blue — One of the many locations which contain the bulldog machine gun.

Motion Tracker and Gatling Gun Marked as Light Green — In this location, you will find a shipwreck which contains the motion sensor upgrade and the Gatling gun. Valve assault grip, Stock, Forend Marked as Yellow — In this location, you will find the valve assault grip, forend, and stock for the valve gun.

Where to find the best Metro Exodus upgrades and gear to survive the apocalypse

Shambler with three Small Cylinder Marked as light brown — You will arrive as a part of the story mission Yamantau. Reinforced Armoured Helmet, Ashot Quad Barrel attachment Marked as Dark Green — In this location, you will find a shipwreck and contains the Reinforced Helmet in the first area and in the top back you will find a bridge where you will find the Ashot quad barrel attachment which fires two barrels.As Artyom and company make their way from the Volga River to the Caspian Sea, there are hidden suit upgrades that you can find to better stack the odds in your favour.

All of the upgrades are well hidden, with some tasking you with environmental puzzles to obtain. To get the Night-Vision Gogglesyou first have to get a key by saving some captured Tsar-Fish worshippers. Unlike most games, you have multiple chances to collect suit upgrades in Metro Exodus, however these are the first instances where they appear. Put the fuel in the generator, then go inside the nearby building.

You can then drop through the roof into a new room. Interact with the fuse box on the wall, then open the locked door behind you. Go through this new door back to the first room you were in and use the second wall switch to open the second door.

Inside is a wrist-mounted Metal Detector. In the same bandit camp as you found the Extra Ammo Vest, you can rescue some villagers from the main building with a white skull painted on it by melee attacking the lock on their cage. Go inside and make your way up to the highest floor you can, moving from one broken half of the boat to the other using the stairs and ladders.

One of your main objectives in the Caspian area will be to reach the Lighthouse in the northwest. Hop over the side, then carefully disarm the booby trapped entrance to the cockpit.

Your new flashlight is inside. On the fence about Metro Exodus still? Take a look at our review as well. Metro Exodus.

Enable JavaScript to sign up to our newsletter.Armor is a protective suit worn by Artyom. In Metroit comes in three different variants: Default, Stealth, and Heavy. In Metro Last Light the armour system has been considerably reworked. It returns in Metro Exodusbut has once again undergone fundamental changes to make the experience more customisable.

Artyom's default suit.

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It offers moderate protection from most enemies. It also allows Artyom to sneak better than in the heavy armor, but not as well as when using the stealth armor. Artyom will make noise unless he crouches. The default armor acts as a middle ground between other suits.

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The upgraded suits, however, allow the player to choose which one they want based on play-style: guns blazing or silent and stealthy. The stealth armor is fitted for those who prefer to go in silent and lurk in the shadows. While it does not offer much protection compared to the heavy armor, the benefit of using this armor is that it is much better at stealth; when in total darkness Artyom can move past everything from patrolling Nazis to a sleeping Black Librarian.

This armor will keep Artyom undetected in some situations when the rest of the suits cannot.

reinforced armored helmet metro exodus

Moving at a normal pace is extremely quiet and footsteps produce little sound. Use silent weapons to maximize the effectiveness of this armor. The heavy armor is fitted for those who prefer to take out their enemies face to face. It offers good protection, but it is not recommended for stealth since the added weight and gear produces noise.

This armor is especially useful when fighting more powerful enemies such as the demon and the librarian.

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Despite its weight, wearing it does not affect movement speed. If you have spare MGR, consider purchasing it at Polis as it helps in the last portion of the game. The heavy armor costs Military-Grade rounds in Armory and Polis. Spoiler ahead! Armor returns in Metro: Last Lightbut not as a gameplay element, instead being mandatory pickups that Artyom has no choice over.

Artyom's starting attire appears to be the green sweater that looks and functions identically to the default suit from the previous game. He wears the hazard suit when going up to the surface during Ashesbut loses it after being captured by the Reich recon team. After making it through the Pavel level, he picks the Spartan attire from one of the lost groups at the end of the concentration camp level. He briefly loses his equipment at the Bolshoi Theater level when he is captured and interrogated by the Reds.

After Artyom escapes with the help of Leonidhe takes his weapons and ammunition back from the storage room at the start of Revolution. It seems that the helmet he picks up was a part of the stolen Spartan suit since it doesn't appear to offer any additional tangible protection for the player.

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After navigating through the Venice storage area, Artyom is helped by station resident Simon. Simon guides Artyom to the swamp and gives him an NBC suit as a gift for helping deal with the bandits.

The effect of this suit will allow Artyom to swim back up to surface from irradiated water without dying. Its actual effects become clear in the Kshatriya mission in the Faction Pack DLC : when crossing outside areas without it, the radiation becomes immensely damaging.


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