Brawl stars legendary calculator

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Brawl stars legendary calculator

But as I said, the odds are always different and if you have less or more brawler unlocked than I have, you will see slightly different drop rates here. The more interesting thing here for me is — is there any difference in the boxes? Some people believe that using Mega Boxes will get them legendary brawler faster….

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The odds are exactly the same so if you open a Mega Box, you will actually open 10 Brawl Boxes — if you open the exact same amount of Brawl Boxes you have exactly the same drop rate to get a legendary brawler or whatever else. Opening a Mega Box will give me Power Points for brawlers, but like 10 times more than from a Brawl Box — so if you want to evenly spread your Power Points or want to get Power Points for a specific brawler the 10 Brawl Boxes are your better choice, because odds that you will get at least some for that specific brawler is higher.

Brawl Stars Brawler Drop Rate ” Brawl Stars Elixir Drop Rate “

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Okay, thanks.In Brawl Starsplayers can unlock loot boxes in order to get new brawlers playable characters. These brawlers have different rarities attached to them, including Super Rare, Mythic, and the highest tier, which is Legendary.

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Because of bragging rights and because they like the look of the characters' stats and abilities, every Brawl Stars player wants to get their hands on the Legendary brawlers: Leon, Crow, and Spike. But is there a better way to get Legendary brawlers than just unlocking a whole bunch of Big Boxes? And can players increase their chances of getting a Legendary? Read this guide to find out the answer. The only way that Brawl Stars players can increase their chance of getting a Legendary brawler is simply to unlock more brawlers.

In the information box for loot boxes for the game, it explains that your chance of getting other types of brawlers increases once you've gotten all of the brawlers of a different rarity. For example, if you unlock all of the Rare brawlers then the likelihood of getting a Super Rare, Mythic, or Legendary brawler will increase as well. As a result, the easiest way to "game" this system and increase your chance of getting a legendary is to make sure that you've collected brawlers of a certain type.

You could go to the store to keep buying specific brawlers of the rarity that you need or unlock more loot boxes, either ones that you've purchased or those that you've unlocked by progressing through Trophy Road.

Brawl Box Calculator

Unlocking more brawlers is the only thing that players can do to increase their chances of a legendary - but it's not the only factor that affects your chances.

The information box displayed on Brawl Stars loot boxes also details something called the luck system. According to the information box, with the luck system, you are more likely to get a new brawler for every box you open that doesn't include a new brawler. The information boxes do display the chance you have of getting each type of brawler and when you open a loot box that doesn't include a new brawler, the chance of you getting a new brawler on the next pull across all rarities will increase.

brawl stars legendary calculator

Jasmine Henry has been a writer for Game Rant since She digs RPGs, sports sims, and loot shooters. With game genres like that, Jasmine has little time for hobbies, but she enjoys creating music and spending time on her farm. Share Tweet Email 0. Resident Evil 3 Remake: How to Dodge. Twitch Sets New Viewership Records. Apex Legends Permanently Adding Duos.I have been getting a lot of questions from players lately, asking about the drop rate of Brawlers from the Brawl Boxes.

Just tap on a Brawl Box in the Shop and then tap on the i information button to see all of the details. However, stop right there! I already put all of the information here for you. Whenever you open a Brawl Box, you get three random draws, each with the reward probabilities mentioned above.

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In order to make Brawl Box opening experience more fair, there is a luck system affecting the probability of Legendary Brawlers. When luck is high enough, you have a greater chance to get a Legendary Brawler, while a low luck value means that is harder to get a new Legendary Brawler.

Nice statistics! I really wanted to see how is the drop rate system of brawl box and here it is! No idea. Who posted this? Brawl Stars Up Run by the community and run for the community.

brawl stars legendary calculator

When can I get my Spike? No, supercell hates u XD. Will Potter. If you have that many El Primos you could probably buy a lot of Spikes. I keep getting shellys. Hopefully someone will get exact statistics from the game files xD. Unlucky me for the update. Blaze Stone. Teemo Troll. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Enter our Monthly Gem Giveaway! Round up your friends and get ready for an epic multiplayer slugfest! Unlock a variety of rowdy game modes and dozens of rough and tumble characters with punishing super abilities.

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brawl stars legendary calculator

A green light means that it is a community page and can be edited by anyone who has a Fandom account. A yellow light means that you need to be a registered member that no longer has the "new editor" tag next to their name on their user page in order to edit that page. The "new editor" tag is removed 4 days after you join the wiki. A red light means that you need to be an Administrator to edit that page.Now I know player that have pulled them out of a regular Brawl Box in the beginning while others have been spending some serious cash and still waiting to get them.

In my guide here you will find all the answers you can get when trying to unlock a Legendary Brawler in Brawl Stars. I will show you some things you should know to maximize the chances to get a legendary brawler from the Brawl Boxes, Big Boxes or Mega Boxes.

You might know it from other games that the more expensive boxes have a higher chance to give you a rare, epic or legendary item. But when I instead open 10 Brawl Boxes, I will get 10 times 12 power points for 2 different brawlers. The main strategy here is to not focus on the big boxes but to open as many boxes as you can when you want the best chances to pull a brawler, including the legendary ones. Now here comes another thing to motivate you to open all boxes right away unless you have all the brawlers you want to have.

brawl stars legendary calculator

This is actually a pretty fair system rather than turning these power points into coins or anything else and is great for all players. This only makes sense if you have all brawlers or all the brawlers you want to have.

Another important reason is that when a new brawler gets introduced into the game, you have higher chances to unlock the new brawler right from the start instead of waiting very long until you have enough brawl boxes to get it.

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Okay, thanks.Categories General. Today we give you an answer to this important question, by presenting the two available options that currently exists in the game:.

The first options and the easiest way to aquire a Legendary Brawlers in Brawl Stars is to buy them through one of the gem offers that sometimes pops up in the shop. These offers will eventually trigger for all new players who keeps a steady progress in the game, continuously leveling up their accounts.

Boxes can either be bought for gems in the shop or aquired for free through the Daily Deals in the shop, with Tokens and Star Tokes you get from your Daily Quests, or as rewards from your Trophy Road progress.

Take notice that the drop rate rises as you keep opening new Boxes, until you eventually get a new Legendary and the chance drops.


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All the information displayed is my own interpretation of the data, I achieve this information calculating it by myself. This content is not affiliated with Supercell, and Supercell is not responsable of that. For more information you can see the Supercell Fan Content Policy in their site. Follow this steps to use the app: 1 Insert your legendary percentage To know how go to the tips page 2 Insert the numbers of boxes to know how much percentage you have opening thoose boxes 3 Insert a percentage to know how much boxes you need to have thoose percentage 4 Doubleclick on the botton "Calc Now!

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