Bartolini bh2 size

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Bartolini bh2 size

Tags: 5-string bartolini bartolini mk1 ibanez mk1 pickups vs. Mar 7, 1. Mar 7, I got to play the Sr at guitar center with the mk1 pickups and i liked it but i would like to get the SR if its a little bit better built. Just worried that it will sound alot different than the mk1 or is the bh-2 just an upgrade to the mk1?

Mar 8, 2. Dec 4, Jkt, IDN.

bartolini bh2 size

I wouldn't say that it's an upgrade. They just sound different. They are being used also in Cort, Lakland, and other brand basses. The different sound is the result of different coil configurations inside. The MK1 has split coil reverse P configuration whereas the BH2 has dual full blade coil configuration.

Thus the BH2 sounds thicker, just as typical dual coil humbucker pickups.

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But since you were asking for the 5 string configuration, the MK and BH have somewhat nearly identical dimensions. So, in case you do buy the SR and turns out you don't like the BH2 sound, you can purchase a used pair of MK be careful not to be mixed up with MK and MK cause the magnet alignment inside are different which often can be found quite cheap.

Or, you can go all the way up to USA made Bartolini MK5, but this has another different kind of sound than any of the above. Fransgioby1gscroggin and 1 other person like this. Mar 8, 3. Mar 8, 4. If you care to searchOur pickups are available in many types of coil types.

Here is the list of types:. Dual In-Line. Dual Coil. Single Coil. Our single coils have a deeper voicing with more lows and low midst ha traditional designs yet retain excellent clarity and treble response. Their noise level is considerably lower than unshielded traditional designs. Single coil:. Stacked Vertical Hum-canceller Single Coils. In very narrow pickup shapes such as Jazz bass and our 3AV acoustic pickup model, the hum cancelling coil is stacked under the string sensing coil.

Interaction between the staked coils results in sharper attack characteristics and lower output levels than our single coils.

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We recommend our stacked coil pickups for use with our active electronics. For 5 string basses, these pickups are limited to 72mm total string width. The dual in-line coils provide hum-canceling in a narrow size. These are often referred to as split coil. They are a specific configuration of a split coil where the coils are in-line. The 2 coils are internally wired in series. Dual Coil Humbucker. All dual coil pickups are wired with 4-conductor cable so that all coil combinations series, parallel, or single can be selected from a multi-pole switch on the front panel of your instrument.

Split Coil. Split coil pickups are wired to hum cancel while each string is sensed by only a single coil. Our M type coil structure is a reverse P in a soapbar shape. The treble coil is positioned toward the neck.

P bass pickups are independent split coils where the treble coil is generally positioned toward the bridge. The following glyph denotes a split coil arrangement but is not intended to specify the orientation. Quad Coil. The Parallel type hum-cancels the way that a typical Dual Coil Humbucker does. Therefore, it can be wired as a P or reverse P and still provide hum-cancelling. However, when split to act like an in-line single coil, they do not hum-cancel.

For simplicity, we wire these like a dual coil humbucker with 4-conductor cable, but leave the connections between in-line coils available for expert wiring. Expert installers may choose to wire these with 6 conductor cable for more options or re-wire the 4 conductor wiring to meet their needs. The In-Line type hum-cancels between in-line coils. These are wired with 4-conductor wire.

We do not expose the connection between the in-line coils on this type.Started by Bill Bartolini inBartolini Pickups and Electronics was one of the very first companies to offer a pickup that was not from one of the big 5 guitar companies Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Guild or Rickenbacker. Although he may not have known it at the time Bill and his pickup contemporaries like Larry Dimarzio and Overland EMG were in the right place at the right time.

Bartolini and others experimented with new concepts in tonal quality, which led to an offering of replacements that quite effectively re-voiced these instruments and allowed their customers get the sound they wanted out of the instruments they already had; it was a perfect solution. Some of these new luthiers had the desire for a more modern pickup design and sound. He also defined the many different shapes and sizes of pickups that we see today.

The sounds and shapes of these Bartolini pickups is now the standard that we compare all other pickups to. To this day Bartolini offers more shapes of pickups and pre-wired on-board electronic harness configurations than any other company. We are proud to be full-line stocking dealers for Bartolini. We recommend them equally to any bass modders and experienced luthiers alike.

They are very satisfying to install for first timers. You will notice a night and day difference in the tone of your instrument. If you are starting a bass building business and are wondering what pickups and pre-wired harnesses to be using look no further.

Bartolini is the perfect choice. Bartolini pickups will help you avoid having to sell someone on the pickups you chose for it. Used on countless thousands of custom basses, Bartolini is the original custom bass pickup. Will these Bartolini Pickups work with your Bass? Ask Frankie, our Bass Tech.

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Live Chat Call Me Email.This page is under construction, but may have some useful info. Note that this information is for reference only. If it is incorrect, please let us know - we're just trying to be helpful. While we supply pickups and electronics for some Ibanez instruments, most are custom for them. The pickups are available for purchase from your dealer. For better tone, the electronics can be upgraded to a Bartolini HR GWB35 - does not have Bartolini pickups.

The electronics can be upgraded to the HR We don't provide screws. Electronics can be upgraded to HR Entry Level. For support with the following pickups, please contact Ibanez directly. The following pickups are manufactured under a license agreement for the benefit of Bill and Pat Bartolini. MK-1 Pickups. MK-2 Pickups. BTBpb four string bass. Bartolini does not yet offer upgrades for this pickup shape. BH1 Pickups. BTB - 4-String - Bartolini does not yet offer upgrades for this pickup shape.

BTB - 7 String - Bartolini does not yet offer upgrades for this pickup shape. Did you find it helpful? Yes No. Home Solutions. How can we help you today? Enter your search term here New support ticket. Check ticket status. Solution home Instrument Specific Ibanez Basses. My relationship with Ibanez began in when they requested some samples.

Ibanez started using our products on some models in After sending Gary many samples he approved the pickup and the electronics for his signature instrument. Since then, we have supplied Ibanez with many bass pickups and various electronics. Before this time, in the earliest years of our history, there was far more emphasis on neck-through construction and enhanced lows and low-mids. In the mid 90's the emphasis shifted to bolt-on construction with more mid and treble emphasis.

We always try to satisfy as many bass players and builders as we can, so we developed designs to satisfy the new requirements and tastes. Most builders were satisfied with an approximately equal tonality from bridge and neck pickups. The neck pickups were always a little brighter with slightly less output than the bridge pickups. But some builders and players preferred putting neck pickups at the bridge and bridge pickups at the neck intentionally.

Ibanez was the first to ask for much deeper tone from the neck pickup while retaining a bright tone for the bridge.Established inBartolini designs and builds professional-level pickups and electronics for guitar and bass.

Made in our San Luis Obispo California factory, our pickups and electronics bring out the best tone from your instrument, and are made to withstand the demands of working musicians to be sure they are ready. Great musicians use Bartolini Pickups and Electronics.

Their audiences expect them to sound and play great whether in the studio, on the stage, or even in the woodshed. With Bartolini, they know they can deliver. They allow me to have my own voice and express myself with such ease and proficiency. Better than the original. I just plug something in and if it sounds good, I like it. Become The Music! The tone and smoothness of them are incredible! The only pickups and preamps I use! I am glad that Bartolini pickups have been a part of MY sound ever since I began".

Every Low every High that I want is crystal clear. I Love that! I am no exception to the rule. I choose Bartolini as my go to for pickups and Electronics. Bartolini allows me to realize that sound and not only hear the nuances but feel them as well as I play. I love these pickups! Bartolini works closely with some of the worlds finest Luthiers to develop unique voicing for their instruments. Many of our products are exclusively custom-made for these great builders.

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We proudly bring the traditions of craftsmanship and innovation that Bartolini has been known for since into the 21st century. We hand-craft all of our products in California. But if you want to be pro-level, make sure your gear is as ready as you are. Bartolini is the industry standard for professional-caliber bass pickups.

For even more tone possibilities, dive into our state-of-the-art electric guitar and bass electronics. Whether adding richer mid-range, ultra-clean output boost, or nuanced EQ, our electronics are the answer to your tone prayers.

bartolini bh2 size

We have the wiring diagrams you need to be a professional guitar tech. Here are some of the most popular. TCT Wiring Diagram. Pickup Wiring — 4 Conductor.

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Pickup Wiring — 1 Conductor. Stay updated with stories from our new blog.

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Connect with us and other pros on our Facebook and Instagram pages! Your Audience is Coming Be Ready! Pro-Level Pickups and Electronics. Be Inspired.


Crystal Fawn.The voice is clear, transparent, and strong with ultra-low distortion. The circuitry and parts are identical. Bartolini set the standard of fully sealing the sensitive electronics. We use professional double tin plated pure copper wire with durable semi-rigid insulation. Or you can use one of our pre-wired harnesses to make your upgrade even easier.


The preamp can be used with either a single 9-volt battery 9-volt operation or two 9-volt batteries wired in series volt operation for 6dB extra headroom with no tonal change. Independent wide-range bass, mid, and bright treble control with adjustable gain.

An additional battery clip is included for 18V wiring. See the wiring diagram for more info. Wiring Diagram PDF.

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Gain Control The in-cavity gain trimmer lets you adjust the output level of your instrument. Bass Control Boost or cut your low frequencies up to 5 times the flat signal. The bass frequency is great for E, B, and low F strings. Mid Control Thicken or thin your tone with mid control.

Mid boost lets you cut through the mix, and mid cut provides great slap tone. Treble Control Boost or cut your high frequencies to brighten or darken your tone.

Artists: Adam Nitti. Chance Wilder Onody. Cody Wright. Billy Greer. Ricky Sutanto. Instrument Builders: Warrior Instruments. Utrera Guitars. Some other options:.By NaetharuJune 5, in Bass Guitars. The choice is really between the SR and the SR However, I cannot find a local dealer that has both in stock and so I was hoping for a little help regarding the difference in tone between the pickup types.

I've checked out some videos on YouTube and from what I can see, the Nordstrand pickups in the SR sound a lot deeper and fatter than the Bartolini ones found in the SR As such, right now I am leadning toward the SR However, I'm a little dubious to make a choice based on videos as I'm not too sure how fair the comparison is given the different rigs and recording equipment used.

Has anyone here got experience with both types of pickups? Any advice you could offer as to their comparative tone would be greatly appreciated. I found the Barts in my to be not as refined or clear as the Nords in mythey were 'ruder' if you will.

However, that is not to say the Nords don't do rude, dig in a little harder and they 'bark' very nicely. I own an Ibanez SR which has Nordstrand big singles and until recently also owned an SR with Bartolini's - this being my back up bass. From experience of extensively gigging and rehearsing with both I concur with your perception Thank you folks, I certainly like the sound of the Nordstrand better given the video demos I've seen - nice to know that they live up to that in reality too looks like the SR is the way to go.

The has the new Nordy licenced pups; they are a split coil P type and a single coil. They are not the Big Singles found in the series and above, so they may not sound the same. Hard to know as the is a new model and no one has them in stock as far as I know. However, they didn't have a SR in stock so I could not make a comparison.

I've not tried the higher end Ibanez basses with the full blow Nordstrand pickups in so I cannot say how they are next to that but the sounded pretty nice going into a Fender Rumble I don't suppose anyone knows of a good dedicated bass guitar store in the London area? The places around here are all far more focused on guitars of the six-string variety so its kind of hard to try before you buy. Agreed, I have an SR and those Big singles just have so much depth to them, so much tonal variation too.

It offers some nice vintage grunt but without the overhwelming bass. Noords all the way any day. Andertons in Guildford and GAK in Brighton, though again both cater to guitarists as well, have good bass departments.

Even took the time to set the bass up just how I like it.

bartolini bh2 size

Cheers folks Camden is nice and easy to get to from here - just a train ride away - so looks like I shall be taking a little trip soon! Check that they have what you want in stock first however. When I looked earlier the was available to order as indeed they are at GG. Edit: The Gallery is always worth a visit, irrespective of whether they have what you're after.

Great shop, as is GG in Epsom. Totally transformed the sound and plays as well as the top range SRs. I also have an SR with us Nordstrand big singles which has a much brighter in your face tone than the us bartolinis. I prefer the Nordstrands for rock and the barts for RnB. If the SR has bartolini MK1s, definitely try it through your own rig first, I picked up an SR to try 6 string after playing it through a different amp, and now I've played with it more the tone is bit dissapointing.

I can't decide whether to upgrade the pickups for "real" Bartolini ones or just sell it on and get an Ibby 6 string with better pickups in already. I have a BTB with the Bartolini licenced pups. If you get the SR, a pickup upgrade would be both easy and productive.

I'm of a different opinion to most here. I think Bart pickups are brilliant and they've been the only pickups I've ever been happy with.


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